Corporate governance

Autonom is run according to its established core guidelines, which empower our corporate governance. We are driven by integrity and transparency, with a systemic approach to risk and compliance management. We are confident that only by following our values and motivations will we achieve satisfaction in all areas of our business, but most importantly ensure the resilience of our business.

Autonom is a family-owned company that thinks long-term. For us, success equals customer satisfaction and employee development.

Business growth, profitability and financial stability are all natural consequences.

Company values

We evolve every day.

We do whatever it takes to help our customers.

Honesty and integrity are fundamental to the development of our company.

We are adaptable and flexible. Simplicity is our way.

We are a team. Respect, common sense and a smile are our secrets.

Autonom's vision is to be an authentic business model.

The management system is based on our values and autonomy. Autonom is a learning organization.

We encourage the personal development of members and support the continuous transformation of the company.

We have a positive impact on society and the environment.

The organizational culture

of the Autonom group is based on the following four principles:

Supporting flexibility and autonomy

We encourage autonomy and insist on accountability. Therefore, we create an environment which encourages development and offers flexibility in terms of working hours.

Supporting the constant development of employees

All employees benefit from a personalised training experience and reading is one of the job responsibilities.

Encouraging the team to get involved in the community

All employees are volunteers of the Autonom Foundation. They are responsible for finding and proposing initiatives or projects that make a positive impact in the community, in which they can get involved together with other colleagues.

Facilitating an innovative spirit

Autonom encourages the sustained development of both our company and employees. That is why every employee can propose ideas that can improve any department within the company.