Autonom ordered 200 electric cars worth 10 million euros and is speeding up the fleet electrification process

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March 06, 2023

Autonom, integrated supplier of mobility and financing services, accelerates the fleet electrification process by acquiring 200 electric cars. The total value of the cars is approx 10 million euros and the funds used for this aquisition come from the European Investment Bank as part of the transition to a zero emissions fleet.

In the mobility sector, where Autonom operates, green investments are a key element for the company’s sustainable development. In order to achieve the assumed objective to reduce the carbon footprint by 25% by 2025 and by 51% by 2030, the company has managed in 2022 to attract a co-funding of 15 million euros from European Investment Bank, this investment being the first of its kind offered to an independent player in the operating lease and rent-a-car markets in Romania.

“We started the year with an important step towards growing the number of electric cars in Autonom’s operational fleet, thus taking advantage of the new market opportunities. We have always had ambitious objectives. Now, our intention is to reduce the carbon emissions of our operational fleet by 51% by 2030, as we assumed through our sustainability strategy. Caring for the environment and innovation have always been our main concerns.”

Dan Ștefan, co-founder Autonom Group

Another important step for Autonom is launching a dedicated financing solution for companies. The Business Green operating lease service, for electric or hybrid cars, comes with additional benefits compared to the classic one, in order to simplify the transition process to a 0-emission fleet.

The order was placed on January 16th, 2023 and the first cars have already arrived in Autonom’s fleet. The cars will be available through Business Green operating lease service, short term rentals and chauffeur drive services in multiple locations in the country.

In the European Union, the electric and hybrid cars market is growing . According to the most current information from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, Europeans bought over 1.1 million electric vehicles in 2022, a 28% growth from 2021. This shows that almost 1 out of 8 Europeans has an electric car, thus creating a market share of 12.1% for this type of vehicle. In Romania, the figures have doubled compared to 2021, marking an increase in market share to 9.1% and over 10,000 registered electric cars, according to the Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Importers (APIA). The best-selling car was the Dacia Spring with 6,800 units bought, followed by the Tesla with 1,020 units.

About Autonom

Autonom is a company with 100% Romanian capital, started in 2006, in Piatra Neamț and is a top 5 player, by turnover, in the main sectors of activity: operational leasing and car rentals.
The company offers modern mobility and financing solutions such as: short and medium term rentals, operational leasing, chauffeured transfers, temporary fleet rental, fleet management services, roadside assistance, car wash services and equipment rental. They are provided through a unique national network, present in 36 cities in Romania, and the company operates a fleet of over 14,000 cars.