Autonom reports consolidated revenue of 647.2 million lei, up 64% compared to 2021 and a net profit of 57.8 million lei, up 157%

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April 26, 2023

Autonom Services SA, the most extensive mobility network in Romania, reports its 16th consecutive year of growth since its establishment, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 51%. With revenue increases of over 50% on all main business lines, Autonom recorded total revenues of 647.2 million lei, up 64% and a net profit of 57.8 million lei. At the same time, fixed assets increased by 68%, exceeding one billion lei for the first time, and the value of the rental fleet increased by 115%, reaching 597.8 million lei.

“The year 2022 continued to be one marked by multiple shocks at the level of the local and global economies: strong inflation, accentuated by the dysfunctions in the supply chains, by the increase in the prices of energy and raw materials, of bank interest for loans, of the costs of the work. These shocks continued to challenge us to find solutions to adapt, progress and take the company to the next level. Thus, in 2022, we managed to grow and strengthen our position on the market.”

Dan Ștefan, co-founder of Autonom.

All business lines, including the secondary ones, recorded a notable performance in 2022 and proved to be the company’s growth engines.

The Autonom Lease division ended the year with a fleet of 10,949 vehicles leased under operational lease, up 52% and with revenues of 293.9 million lei, representing a 58% increase compared to the end of 2021. The results were determined by increasing the notoriety and trust in the brand and in the full-service product offered by Autonom Lease, accessed by companies with small fleets and large companies with complex needs, Bergenbier being a relevant example in this sense.

In 2022, Autonom acquired and completed the integration of the company Țiriac Operating Lease (Premium Leasing), a business with annual revenues of over 90 million lei and assets of over 200 million lei. With the integration into the Autonom ecosystem, the fleet grew by more than 2,600 cars, thus marking the second major merger and acquisition in Autonom’s history.

Regarding the rental division, revenues increased by 52% in 2022 compared to 2021 and reached 104.7 million lei in 2022, with an occupancy rate of the rental fleet at over 88%. The positive development was determined by a number of factors such as the increase in tourism and passenger traffic at Romania’s airports, the pressure in the car market for pre-delivery cars, caused by the delay in new car deliveries, and the growth of the replacement car service segment in case of an accident (according to Romanian legislation, drivers damaged in road accidents have the right to request a replacement car during the repair period, the cost of which is settled by the RCA insurance of the guilty driver).

Autonom AutoRulate car sales division recorded total revenues from the sale of used vehicles of 120.8 million lei, up 54% compared to 2021, mainly due to the 32% increase in the number of cars sold and rising prices for used cars driven by supply chain challenges.

“Although the last three years have been characterized more than ever by volatility, unpredictability and ambiguity, and various disruptive factors have (re)shaped the local and international economic environment, our strategy has remained prudent, constantly analysing possible scenarios and making decisions with responsibility for future. Autonom’s results are proof that our business model is still agile and we believe we are well-positioned to focus on turning challenges into opportunities for growth and development. In the coming period, we aim to strengthen our position in the markets in which we operate and continue to invest, both in the organic growth of the company, as well as in the acquisition of companies compatible with our group, in order to continue the development and preparation of the group for the economy of the future.”

Marius Stefan, co-founder of Autonom.

In 2022, Autonom announced a new financing partner, the European Investment Bank, representing a first on the local financial market. This represents the first financing granted by the EIB for green transport in Romania to accelerate the transformation of mobility solutions for companies and the expansion of the rental fleet with electric and hybrid cars. The first investment in this regard was made at the beginning of this year when Autonom ordered 200 Tesla electric cars (Model 3 and Model Y). At the same time, Autonom has created a dedicated operational leasing product, Autonom Business Green, built to meet the mobility needs and fears associated with switching to an electric car.

At the end of 2022, Autonom operated a total fleet of 13,680 vehicles, increasing by 41.43% compared to the end of 2021.

The report on the recorded results can be fully consulted here.

About Autonom

Autonom is a company with 100% Romanian capital, started in 2006, in Piatra Neamț and is a top 3 player, by turnover, in the main sectors of activity: operational leasing and car rentals.
The company offers modern mobility and financing solutions such as short- and medium-term rentals, operational leasing, chauffeured transfers, temporary fleet rental, fleet management services, roadside assistance, car wash, and equipment rental. They are provided through a unique national network in 33 cities in Romania, and the company operates a fleet of over 13,000 cars.